Adriana in Belk Summer Sales ads!

Our model Adriana can be seen almost every week in the Summer Sale ads for Belk department store! I'll never forget the first day she came into Premiere and how modeling had always been her dream! Now she's working all over the country every week as a plus size model!

Lauren Featured on the Catwalk

Less than one year ago, we discovered this beauty from Ohio who recently moved to New Smyrna Beach. Now, here she is walking the catwalk in Miami fashion week. We're so proud of you Lauren!

Ponytail Model Heather

Could you imagine going to the store to purchase hair ties, walking down the asile, and seeing yourself on the package? I was so excited to see our model Heather modeling Scunci hair ties!


Good Morning America! The dress that our model Kennedi is modeling for the designer is famous!